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My name is Iman and I have been a language and soft skills trainer for over 15 years.  I am a highly qualified, Oxford and Cambridge certified, EFL teacher, Business English Trainer and an English tutor.

I have both face to face and online teaching experience working with students from all over the world - Taiwan, Spain, France, the UK, Malaysia, Egypt, France and now Mauritius.

In 2004, I discovered a passion for teaching/ training. I was living in Seville, Spain at the time, and offered my services to the many who reached out for help. Throughout my career, I have gained the reputation of helping clients/students achieve great results quickly and making learning FUN. 


For most of those years, I've worked with the British Council as a General English teacher, Professional Skills trainer, CELTA Teacher Trainer, an EAL syllabus writer and a materials developer.  As a result, I have learnt from the best and gained a variety of successful teaching techniques to help my students/ clients SUCCEED.

I can help you reach your personal learning goals in a much more efficient and enjoyable way.  I say this with full confidence because I know that my methods of teaching really work.​  I won't waste your time teaching you things you don't need. I won't use a book with topics that only interest you 20% of the time -  that's a waste of your money.

Qualifications and experience

Together, we will LEARN!

Together, we will have FUN!

Together, we will SUCCEED!

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A professional and experienced tutor/ English language specialist.

  • DELTA - Cambridge Accredited - equivalent to a Master's degree

  • Trinity Tesol - Oxford Accredited English Teacher

  • CELTA Teacher Trainer (Cambridge)

  • Corporate Skills Trainer

  • B.A Hons in Foreign Languages 

Contact: 5 9062381

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