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We offer a variety of Professional Skills training to help you develop talent in your team to better compete on a global scale. Emails, Meetings, Communication Skills...

Catherine Lafleche


Iman is a helpful trainer.  I liked the interactive lessons, there's no time to get bored.  I really liked the way she uses facial expressions to engage me and help me learn – it was interesting and funny.  Really really, thank you for your effort and patience.

Samantha Kerr


Iman is truly a top-class trainer.   From the word go, she was fun, engaging, and of course, demonstrative of a vast array of activities.  Iman was incredibly supportive and honest. Her valuable feedback  motivated us to do our best and challenge ourselves to continually improve. We couldn’t have been in better hands.

Leon Ma

Taipei, Taiwan

Iman is a good trainer with rich training skills and enthusiasm. Classes are always interesting and I looking forward to them. I was very satisfied with the content used in lessons and happy with the rapid progress.

Beryl Huett


As a mentor, Iman's enthusiasm and energy drives her students through lively lesson that are always fun and effective. More than just an excellent trainer, she is also a very caring and understanding person who goes beyond her role  to support and help her students when needed. Iman is an inspiration.



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