Public Speaking Training 

Would you like to become a more 

confident and efficient public speaker?

Would you like to WOW your audience using successful tried and tested strategies?

Invest in your FUTURE!

Invest in YOU

You'll learn how to...

  • use non-verbal gestures to give your talk more impact - Body Language

  • apply strategies to engage & WOW your audience

  • plan a structured talk with a powerful and clear 'take-home' message

  • effectively use your voice to  communicate confidence

  • deal with nerves so that you’ll be ready to face any audience size

  • develop your existing skills to stand and deliver  POWERFUL presentations.

Public Speaking - an essential skill in any profession.

You'll be guided and coached to fine-tune your presentation style.


You'll be given lots of confidence building tips and resources to use in different social and professional situations.

You'll get the opportunity to practice in a safe and comfortable environment and be able to watch how much you grow through videotapes - used for self-reflection to identify your strengths and areas of development for yourself.


  • Oxford & Cambridge Certified

  • MQA approved Trainer

  • 15 years international experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Languages

  • DELTA - Master's equivalent qualification in teaching EAL

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