The online Platform

Success English Learning Platform (SELP) is a modern platform with over 700 interactive resources on a variety of topics for businesses, schools and individuals; accessible from your laptop, smartphone and tablet.



The online material

The online material used is linked to CEFR levels - The Common European Framework of Reference for Language learning - used globally as the standard for describing language ability.
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Example Topics

Here are some of the themes and topics on offer to see how we can help you reach your learning goals quickly.

English for work

  • Powerful Presentations

  • Communication strategies

  • Better Emails

  • Negotiations & Meetings

  • Customer Service

  • Tourism & Hospitality

  • Telephoning Skills

  • Work/life Balance

Everyday English

  • Making new Friends

  • Travel Abroad

  • Writing letters & Blogs

  • Ordering Food

  • Booking Tickets

  • Asking for Directions

  • Public Speaking

  • Talking on the telephone

Academic English

  • Exam Preparation

  • Improve Grammar 

  • Enhance proficiency 

  • Learn essential skills to pass an exam

  • Get lots useful & practical tips to SUCCEED!


All packages include:

  • FREE Online placement test

  • Gap analysis to identify your needs

  • Personalised learning plan

  • Access to unlimited interactive online resources, worksheets, games, quizzes, homework  every month

  • Practice Grammar, Listening, Writing Speaking & Reading

  • Develop your Vocabulary

  • Learn new Professional Skills - Emails, Presentations, Writing Reports etc...

  • Lesson summaries for review

  • Progress monitoring & advice for further study

  • End of course certificate


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